Our Mission - Pursue Excellence

Provide a supportive environment with a fully comprehensive curriculum that enables and inspires young players to use basketball as a vehicle to pursue excellence both on and off the court.
Pursue Excellence Pursue Excellence Pursue Excellence

Our Team

Our team brings together numerous years of BASKETBALL EXPERIENCE and diverse backgrounds to accomplish one common goal…INSPIRE EXCELLENCE on and off the court.

Led by Josiah Lake, our directors and instructors not only understand THE GAME OF BASKETBALL, but more importantly, how to use basketball as a vehicle to greater things. This dynamic allows us to create an UNMATCHED BASKETBALL EXPERIENCE for players of all ages.

Josiah Lake Owner & Executive Director - Click here for more info

Sean Lake General Manager - Click here for more info

Mark Strom Director of Marketing & Sales - Click here for more info

Josh Jarrett Director of Training - Click here for more info

Sean Overton Sports Science Director - Click here for more info

Josiah played basketball at Oregon State University, graduating with a business degree in 2001. While at Oregon State, Josiah began developing his passion for teaching basketball to kids thru team basketball camps. Following graduation, Josiah continued working with kids thru Hoops & Handles Basketball and Above & Beyond Athletics, offering camps, individual and small group instruction.

Prior to The Practice Facility, Josiah spent 11 years working for Brand Jordan, where he most recently served as Global Director of Jordan Footwear. This experience presented the opportunity to work with the greatest athletes in the world, and understand the importance of innovation and premium experiences. These learnings combined with Josiah’s love and passion for basketball assisted in creating an unmatched basketball experience at The Practice Facility.

Along with Josiah, a dedicated staff will be committed to providing the same high-level of excellence across all programs.

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Sean played basketball at North Salem High school earning all-league honors 3 of 4 years. Sean played college level basketball in Bakersfield California and then one year at LBCC. Finishing his degree at Western Oregon University, Sean has extensive management and customer service experience along with a strong dedication for positive youth development.

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Josh played his college basketball at Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon. He then continued his playing career in the ABA for the Phoenix Fury and in Cyprus.

Through all of his experiences, he enjoys giving and coaching all ages. His focus now is the development of young basketball athletes and not just coaching/training them but mentoring them at the same time to become young men!

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Mark played basketball at William Jessup University, graduating with a communications degree in 2007. Following graduation, Mark played 5 years professionally in Mexico and Cyprus. The last 2 years he was working for Nike in Digital Sport. Mark has always had a passion for the game of basketball and helping young kids achieve their goals.

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Sean played Division I football at Southern University of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree. During his championship playing career, he developed a great passion for helping his fellow athletes in sports performance development. Immediately following graduation, he continued his education through International Sports Science Association and National Academy of Sports Medicine.

For the last 13 years Sean has devoted his time to creating better athletes through corrective exercise techniques. By using his comprehensive system of corrective exercises, he has been a key influence to helping hundreds of athletes at each of the following levels: Grade School, High School, College, Semi-Pro, & Professional.

Sean believes that any athlete can be good, but only the great ones pay attention to details!

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